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13 de mayo de 2023

Comentario Obra 19: English Handbook






Rudolf Lehmann Kida

Professor of Idioms at the State University of Huánuco “Hermilio Valdizán”, Department of Idioms


This ENGLISH HANDBOOK it has been prepared by EUDORO TERRONES NEGRETE, who es now employed as a teacher of the English language at the Technical State Institute N° 32 in Tarma.

He studied SUPERIOR GRAMMAR at the Department of Idioms of the State University of Huánuco “Hermilio Valdizán” from 1966 until 1970. Then he proofed to be an excellent English language student. But not only that, he always demonstrated the greatest interest and obtained excellent marks.

This work is very interesting and useful for all kinds of students (at secondary and superior institutions). It may also be used by other people interested in the English idiom. It is practical, efficient and easy. It contains a lot of topics to teach students how to speak and understand English every day. There is a very good and simple method employed, in order to easy up the learning and the didactics in the case it is used by some language professors. All sentences are written in English and Spanish.

Let us hope that the public takes interest in this bilingual English Handbook and stimulates the author to go ahead with this word, that may help those who want to study the English language.


Huánuco, April 1977.

Rudolf Lehmann Kida


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